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Meet the Owner

Before purchasing Rye Ridge Cleaners with his partner and wife Robin, Seth Friedman graduated from the premiere school in the northeast for training professionals in the industry.

During his time in school, Seth learned about the various types of fabrics used to create today’s garments, as well as the latest technologies and methods to care for those garments.

Since purchasing the dry cleaning business in 1993, he and Robin have continued Rye Ridge Cleaners' 40 year tradition of providing the highest quality service for people throughout the area. In order to stay up-to-date with the current fashion trends and dry cleaning methods, Seth is member of the National Cleaning Association which provides ongoing classes in garment care.

In the Past

Seth graduated from Binghamton University in 1979 with a degree in biology. He later moved to Israel where he lived for 10 years.
He spent two years as a nature guide in the deserts of the southern part of the country for the Society for the Protection of Nature.
Seth then relocated to Kibbutz K’tura, an area in the southern part of Israel, where he worked in agriculture.

Conscious of the Environment

With his background as a nature guide and farmer, he learned to become very conscious of the environment. After opening the dry cleaning business, he was the first in Westchester County to offer the reusable garment and laundry bags to replace single-use plastic covers. Seth also encourages his customers to return the hangers for reuse.
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